What are greenhouses used for?

Answer To separate the internal environment from the outside, usually to grow plants that do not do well in the normal environment of your location. The oldest use is just to heat the local environment t... Read More »

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What vinyl is used for greenhouses?

A greenhouse is typically made using polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC) and copolymers. The materials come in commercial grade, which lasts about 18 months, and utility grade, whi... Read More »

What type of glass is used for greenhouses?

Greenhouses have been made out of standard glass for centuries but now many long-life glasses and glass-alternatives are available, such as polycarbonates, plastics and fiberglass. Polythene offers... Read More »

Can greenhouses be used year round?

With careful temperature control and a planting schedule, a greenhouse can be used year-round. A year-round greenhouse will need to be cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter, and the plants ... Read More »

Greenhouses at Schools?

Schools that provide access to greenhouses offer opportunities for students to get involved in many ways. Plants provide a nurturing learning experience for students of all ages. Greenhouses can he... Read More »