What are good websites fore herbal healing?

Answer Take a look at this one, and read only the answers by James!…

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Is a tattoo of my girl friends name on my fore arm a good idea?

It's OK provided your next girlfriends all have that name.

Is tea tree oil good for healing?

On One Hand: Tea Tree Oil is an AntisepticTea tree oil naturally removes infection, and can be used to treat wounds, especially open sores and cuts. Some naturopathic doctors use tea tree oil as an... Read More »

10 points. What foods are good for healing?

NO smoking, drinking or sugars.Calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and E are good for healing your torn ligament. Extra protein from sources that are all ready in your diet as meat, eggs, fish, tof... Read More »

Is salt water good for healing wounds?

ANSWER: Yes. If you cut yourself at a beach go straight to the water it stops bacteria from going to your wound aswell it stings a little but it perfect for healing cuts faster it is the best thing... Read More »