What are good ways to naturally speed up contractions?

Answer Answer It is never a good idea to purposely put yourself into labor. However, if you are already in labor, and are right around the time you are due, then helping things along wont hurt. Pepperm... Read More »

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How do you speed up contractions?

You can speed up contraction thru increasing the oxytocin rate as prescribed by the doctor, nipple stimulation and clitoral stimulation.

How do you help speed up and intensify contractions?

Sex. Spream will soften the plug and you will go into labor.

How can you speed up contractions to induce labor?

If you have contractions you are in labor. The cervix needs time to slowly dilate to 10cm. They only give you medicine to make it start of it has stopped.

Natural ways to cause true contractions in pregnancy?

If you are at the end of your pregnancy and your doctor is talking induction there are a couple of methods you can use to avoid it. The simplest is to eat the spiciest food you can stand then short... Read More »