What are good tv shows pg or g and what time and what Chanel ?

Answer i suggest Everybody Hates Chrisit is at 8 on Fridaysthe channel depends on what you have (twc, direct tv, etc)

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What time and chanel does Who the Bleep Did I marry come on Direct TV?

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be an actual song. Its' just a jingle put together for the commercial. Directv responded to an email inquiry about the song saying the information was "not available".

What chanel is disney chanel in dish network?

What are some good TV shows that I would like or that are similar 2 the shows on my list?

I like a few on your list, and another show that I and really enjoy is Hart of Dixie!

What are your top 3 favorite TV shows of all time?

1. Xena Warrior Princess2. Stargate SG-13. Star Trek The Next Generation