What are good sources of Vitamin D for a Vegan diet?

Answer Click on the pages that are relevant here, I can't copy them.…TipDon't forget sunlight.

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Good vegan sources for protein, iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B12?

Protein is found in beans, nuts, seed, lentils, meat substitutes, potatoes, etc. (If you consume enough calories, you’re getting enough protein.)Iron is found in dark leafy greens, nuts, whole gr... Read More »

Good credible sources for persuasive vegan speech?

HEALTH BENEFITS1. American Dietetic Association position paper…2. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on Vegetarian Mortality http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.g... Read More »

Being vegan, what are some good sources of iron and zinc foods / ingredients?

Insofar as Iron -Iron mg Bran flakes, 1 cup 11.0 Oatmeal, 1 packet 6.3 Pasta, 1 cup, cooked 1.7 Semolina, Cream of wheat, 1/2 cup cooked 5.5 Wheat germ, 2 tablespoon 1.2 Whole wheat bread, 1 slice ... Read More »

Is it good to start a vegan diet when you are 17?

Of course! Anyone who says otherwise is completely ignorant. Most vegetarians / vegans I know changed their lifestyle when they were like 13 or so and they are completely healthy. As long as you ma... Read More »