What are good safe chatrooms for kids?

Answer Well for KIDS, I would recommend They are all good websites for kids. How would I know? I am one myself. =]

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Are there chatrooms for 11 year old kids?

Club Pebnguin, penguin chat3,other virtual worlds

Good Websites or chatrooms to troll?

Facebook; There are lots of trollers there i troll myself there.

Good and safe home theatre for kids?

Oh come on, be a good mom and let the kids watch TV! Kidding asides, I don't think technology has progressed enough to let parents control everything their kids watch. As for the recommendation, I ... Read More »

What happens if the child protective services takes kids away from a parent Can they get them back What if the single parent is on drugs Will the kids be safe from the parent?

child services would not let the parent have their kid back because that kid could die because of their parents