What are good reasons for a wooden spatula?

Answer Wooden spatulas are much better for removing 'dingleberries' from your rear end.The metal ones can be too abrasive.

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Are wooden bats good?

On One Hand: Aluminum Bats Hit HarderWooden bats were standard issue in the early days of baseball. However, as technology improved, aluminum bats became cheaper to mass produce. Moreover, alumin... Read More »

What is a spatula used for?

Spatulas are used in the kitchen in a variety of ways. Spatulas can be used for turning over food while cooking, icing cakes, and scraping food from bowls, skillets or saucepans.Source:Bonappetit.c... Read More »

What is a spatula?

Also referred to as a flipper, tosser or turner, the spatula is a long-handled kitchen utensil with a flat blade commonly used for flipping food; however, it can also be used for scraping or spread... Read More »

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