What are good reasons for a wooden spatula?

Answer Wooden spatulas are much better for removing 'dingleberries' from your rear end.The metal ones can be too abrasive.

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What is a spatula?

Also referred to as a flipper, tosser or turner, the spatula is a long-handled kitchen utensil with a flat blade commonly used for flipping food; however, it can also be used for scraping or spread... Read More »

What is an offset spatula?

An offset spatula is a kitchen tool that typically is used for removing items of food from dishes, though it can come in handy for a number of purposes around the kitchen.AppearanceAn offset spatul... Read More »

What is a spatula used for?

Spatulas are used in the kitchen in a variety of ways. Spatulas can be used for turning over food while cooking, icing cakes, and scraping food from bowls, skillets or saucepans.Source:Bonappetit.c... Read More »

What are good reasons to use epicac?

Edited to add more detailNone, epicac is rarley used in medicine anymore (at least in the USA) because some things swallowed can cause just as much damage coming back up as going down. To be more s... Read More »