What are good pranks to pull on your sister?

Answer Get their favourite pair of shoes and put a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise inside the right shoe and jelly and peanut butter inside the left!! trust me i tryed this it was HIL-ARI-OUS

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What pranks can you pull on your sister?

Get a rubber mouse a box that pops open really fast tie the rubber rat to it and make it pop at her. or get a mouse trap tie some string to it then get a tenis ball- or any other item, i put a nail... Read More »

How to Pull off Some Cool Pranks?

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How to Pull Harmless Pranks?

Pranks are an enjoyable action to get back at someone, or just for fun. But if you don't want to hurt someone's feelings, then you want to start with something small that you can both laugh about a... Read More »

How to Pull off Some Pranks at School and Home?

Pranking can be a fun hobby for kids, and sometimes even adults. There is nothing wrong with it if it does not hurt someone's feelings, but if it does, accident or not, you should always apologize.... Read More »