What are good party foods for kids?

Answer Would you please edit your post to indicate what age group your referring to? (Obviously the suggestions should be different for a toddler than for a teenager ;) )Great; tweenies I'll just add a fe... Read More »

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What are some good vegetarian party foods?

We had a big new year's party, and wanted just items that people could snack on all night, while still mingling. this is the menu we had:Spinach aritchoke dipBruscheta(toasted bread for use with br... Read More »

What are good football party foods?

Cocktail Wieners (Little wieners slow cooked in BBQ - Very quick and Fast, You could even take hot dogs and cut them up to) Taco Dip, Chips and Salsa, Ham roll ups (Ham Cream cheese and pickle in ... Read More »

What are good foods for a super bowl party?

Potato ChipsTortilla ChipsDoritosFrench Onion DipRanch DipSalsaChili Cheese DipPizzaSubsLil SmokiesPotato SkinsQuesadillasChicken NuggetsNachosVeggie TrayMeat and Cheese TrayTaquitosMini TacosBBQ M... Read More »

Good Foods for College Kids?

College students often struggle to eat healthily because they do not have extra money to spend on healthy foods, are required to eat in food courts or find it easier to grab a meal from a fast-food... Read More »