What are good natural aphrodisiacs for woman?

Answer if you are trying to get a female out your leaguebooze (but getting her to get her to drink it is difficult)nice stuff-cash-car-HOUSEif its someone in your leaguegood grooming and manners should do... Read More »

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What are aphrodisiacs?

An aphrodisiac is anything that increases sexual arousal. The word comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Asparagus, chocolate, oysters and potatoes are all considered aphrodisiacs. Some herbal ap... Read More »

Natural Makeup Tips for Black Woman?

The darker your skin is, the more pigment it has, and the more pigment it has, the harder it is to keep your makeup looking natural. The wrong shade of foundation or a careless application can leav... Read More »

Natural Treatment of Acne for a Pregnant Woman?

When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormone can increase, causing changes in her body. One of these changes is the increase in skin eruptions. Skin eruptions and blemishes are typically treated with... Read More »

Natural Hair Care for African American Woman?

African American hair is known to be brittle and difficult to maintain in its natural state. Some women perm or excessively straighten their hair because they are frustrated with their natural hair... Read More »