What are good techniques to stay up?

Answer Have power napsDon't drink too much caffeine as the comedown will have you out like a light

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What are some good techniques to make you worry less?

marijuana helps one to worry less.but if youre pregnant or think youre pregnant, you prolly shouldnt be smoking.

What are good techniques that will help me grow my hair faster?

-Biotin are pills that help your hair, skin,and nails. They are completely safe, their water soluble so you don't have to worry about overdosing because whatever your body doesn't need is peed out.... Read More »

Techniques to Write a Good Story?

When reading a story, you visualize what is happening. You relate to the main character as if he were your best friend. You become immersed in the fictional world around you through words. Writing ... Read More »

Good Essay Writing Techniques?

Many students, young and old, dread writing essays. Although communicating and developing your ideas through words may seem like an easy endeavor, such issues as writer's block and poor structure c... Read More »