What are some good ab exercises?

Answer I'd say standard crunches, planks, and press ups where your legs are in the bungee hoop things as that needs the core strength to keep your body flat as well as working different parts of your arms... Read More »

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What exercises are good with hemmoroids?

Hi there: You need to go to the drug store and get some witch hazel. This will help to shrink the hemorrhoid. Mix it with your bath water it will help you. And you do not need a Dr scrip. You have ... Read More »

What are some good exercises for a wobbly bum?

Squats! Especially if you're a girl. Your bum will be amazing within time!

What are some good exercises to do daily?

Hey Jeffrey,Its important to warm up and do stretches before and after your workout to prevent soreness and injury and to become more flexible on your next workout...As far as daily exercises routi... Read More »

What exercises are good for losing weight?

Cardio is the best way. Low impact ones cause the least strain, such as swimming or biking.Do sets of short sprints (whether running, biking, swimming, etc) with a slow recovery period of jogging o... Read More »