What are good core workouts?

Answer Planks, or hold a crunch ( with ur elbows touching ur knees) for ages- it kill s if u do it right! ;)

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Are these good workouts for me?

Yeah that's great. You should also work on cutting the really bad foods out of your diet. Loosing weight; 70% kitchen 30% gymGood luck!

What are some good workouts to tone my thighs?

Squats are the best and so are lunges. I found a great website for good workouts to tone your inner and outer thighs.

If I'm consistant with my workouts and keep up a good diet, when will I start to see results?

It really depends on what kind of exercises you're doing, what weight/bmi you're starting from, how good your diet is etc. When I started out I was 158 lbs and 5'1 (now 125 lbs) I started seeing re... Read More »

How Do I Know If the Heater Core Is No Good?

Signs That the Heater Core Is No GoodEnsure there is plenty of coolant in the radiator and that the thermostat is working properly. Check for the smell of antifreeze in the car--it has a sweet smel... Read More »