What are good NYC clubs that are 18+?

Answer Ask your friendsthey'd be the best source

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Does anyone know of any good dance clubs in Chicago Nothing fancy or to scuzzy. Just nice with good music.?

If you want loud, cheesy, touristy and expensive head over to the clubs on Division near Rush Street. Great music, but everything else sucks.I like going to Alive One and the Union on Halsted near... Read More »

Good 18 and over clubs in Los Angeles, CA?

I just moved to Cali and people are talking about a place in Hollywood (forgot the name). Also a Place in Long Beach named V20 (hot club) is having an 18 and over party this sunday (4/20) Hope I he... Read More »

Good Teen clubs in NYC?

if you check out there is a chat in which people may be able to inform you on any local clubs (mostly manhattan, but other boroughs as well). it is generally in the gothic industria... Read More »

Good comedy clubs to get started in, in NYC? second & third link on that website