Can germs catch germs?

Answer haha.. i dont think so

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What can we use to kill germs?

Well, first, you need to DEMAND him to stop coughing all over the place. Even if you have, it's easier to stop a problem before it starts. If he still continues to cough, put stop tissues by him an... Read More »

What to do about BOY GERMS?

The solution is obvious.You need an vaccination injection.You should introduce some other strain of boy germs and let them fight it out.

What is the difference between germs and a virus?

germ (jerm) 1. a pathogenic microorganism.2. a living substance capable of developing into an organ, part, or organism as a whole; a primordium.virus /vi·rus/ (vi´rus) [L.] a minute infectious ag... Read More »

What are the germs that cause 'good' breath?

There's good bacteria....maybe that's what you mean...and acidophiles is found in yogurt with active cultures...the yogurt sure helped my dogs bad breath...