What are generic medicines?

Answer Generic medicines are similar to brand name medicines in that they are both manufactured with the same ingredients, dosage information and usage. The only difference between generic and brand name ... Read More »

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Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.

What is a generic usb hub?

A generic USB hub is simply a term for a hub not made by a name-brand company such as Microsoft or Belkin. Hubs for USBs are similar to power strips for electrical appliances. They allow you to plu... Read More »

What Medicines are Used for Arthritis?

Several types of medications are used to treat arthritis. The choice depends on the type and severity of the arthritis, but the goal for all patients is to relieve symptoms and improve joint functi... Read More »

What are safe medicines in pregnancy?

paracetamol (acetaminophen) Insulin ,,,, but not oral hypoglycemic drugs