My PC's display configuration has an option named "Gamma". Does my PC emit gamma rays?

Answer lol...I can see where the confusion arises but no, manufacturers wouldn't be allowed to see a display with harmful level of radiation.Gamma on video displays refers to shadow detail. If you alter t... Read More »

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Safety Issues of Using Gamma Rays?

Gamma rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation and are used in cancer treatments, industrial processes and pasteurization. They also occur naturally in soil, water and some food. However, high ... Read More »

What are the safety issues of gamma rays?

Radiation often brings to mind danger, especially gamma rays, but radiation also serves some beneficial uses. Gamma radiation poses some of the greatest risks, but precautions will avoid most of it... Read More »

Do radio or gamma rays get blocked easily?

Radio (RF) and gamma rays are 2 ENTIRELY different things.

Free Lesson Plans for the Effects of Gamma Rays on Man?

Gamma rays are an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They consist of high-energy photons and can pass through many types of material, including human tissue. Gamma rays are used in nuc... Read More »