Is it normal for your nine year old son to play with balloons all the time?

Answer ANSWERIf you have unprotected sex and then take the pill that will not cause you to NOT get pregnant. If you are on the pill and miss a day there is a still a possibility but not a greater chance s... Read More »

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I downloaded iTunes 9 onto your new computer and now my iPod wont play songs or games the games show up as a blank white screen and the songs will flash briefly what is wrong with it?

What Games to Play With a 13 Month Old?

The 13th month of a baby's life marks the initiation into the second year: the toddler age. While this year of a child's life may bring on a whole new set of challenges, it also is a time for fun, ... Read More »

What Games to Play With Double Twelve Dominos?

Dominoes are ancient gaming pieces that can provide hours of fun with many diverse games. Many people are familiar with the double six domino set, which is a set that has a maximum of six spots per... Read More »

What educational games do you play with your child?

Chess is a smart game improve intelligence and patience in my kids to become smarter in future and overcome the challenges they will face moreover recent studies discovered that chess increase IQ l... Read More »