What are gable vents?

Answer Attic spaces in homes must be properly ventilated, particularly in summer, when heat and moisture build up in the space between insulated ceilings and the roof. Gable vents are a common way to vent... Read More »

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How do gable vents work?

A gable vent is an opening from the exterior to an attic. Gable vents allow air circulation in the attic space by the use of natural cross or power ventilation. Gable vents help control indoor temp... Read More »

How to Install Gable Vents in Attic?

Proper ventilation is essential for the health of your house. Unventilated attics can put extra burden on air conditioning units and allow damaging moisture to build up leading to problems such as ... Read More »

Which is better: ridge vents versus power vents?

On One Hand: Ridge Vents Work BetterRidge vents work better than power vents because they create more air flow throughout the attic. This air flow will keep the temperature in the attic close to th... Read More »

Should a gable fan blow in or out?

A gable fan should be installed so that it can blow hot air out and draw cool air in. These fans are similar to attic fans, which operate in the same way. Installation is simple enough to be done b... Read More »