What are fun things to do online when you're bored?


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What are some things to do when your bored at home?

I was just making this list from various cites online, i want to try and do them all before summer is over... :)Simple Boredom Fighters • Blow bubbles with bubble gum • Blow on a beer bottle â€... Read More »

Things to Do When Kids Say I Am Bored?

As a parent or teacher, you often hear a child say, "I am bored." It is important to have suggestions and projects ready to go when you hear this phrase. It is easy to develop specific fun activiti... Read More »

Fun things to do on the internet when your bored?

1.) Well you could go on facebook and type in "funny pictures" and a page will come up and you can just go through the pictures.2.) Try watching a movie or tv show on netflix or another site3.) TV ... Read More »

I'm so bored, what are some interesting things I can do on the computer?

Stumbleupon is good for when your super bored. It's great, check it out.