What are fruits or vegetables that grow underground?

Answer Edible roots and tubers

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Fruits & Vegetables That Grow in the Shade?

All fruits and vegetables do best when they grow in full sunlight. But a few can tolerate light- to partial-shade conditions and still reward growers with tasty produce. Light-shade conditions occu... Read More »

Do all vegetables grow underground?

What Vegetables and Fruits Grow Best in Indiana?

Indiana is one of the major agricultural states in America. Indiana's location, soil and climate play a vital role in the success it has had within the American food system. A high percentage of a... Read More »

What fruits or vegetables are good to grow under Central Texas sun?

Find a local garden center and talk to a professional. He will be familiar with the area and problems and guide you to successful plants. As to a general answer, arbors are great ways to shade... Read More »