What are freezer mugs made of?

Answer Its made with insulation materials to keep the liquid inside the mug cold

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Are plastic freezer mugs safe?

On One Hand: Plastic Can Leak ToxinsPlastic freezer mugs, like all plastic containers, might be made with bisphenol A, or BPA, a hardening agent that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administra... Read More »

What are ceramic coffee mugs made from?

Ceramic mugs, typically used to hold warm beverages such as tea and coffee, are made from ceramic. The ceramic materials that comprise the many different types of mugs include earthenware, bone chi... Read More »

What Polymer is Ziploc Freezer Bags Made Out of?

Ziploc freezer bags, in all sizes, are made of Polyethylene Plastic Resin #4. The freezer bags can be used safely in a microwave, and they are even recyclable in places that accept the Polyethylene... Read More »

If I made some Christmas candies now, would they keep in the freezer until the holiday?

I have frozen my homemade caramels and almond rocha before - they tasted great! The only thing I've had troubles with is chocolate after its been melted, then frozen seems to "sweat" a little in t... Read More »