What are free clusters on a computer scan.?

Answer On a new large hard drive you will have millions of these free clusters, so it will take a very long time to test all of them. As time goes by and you save files, you will have fewer free clusters... Read More »

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Can a full system scan repair damaged free clusters?

It can re-arrange the damaged free clusters which are often duplicates of existing ones. Usually, the scan can repair those clusters as long as they have not been over-written.

Where can I find a free vrius scan that will fix and scan for vrius in my computer for free?

you said your screen goes off when your on it, If you mean your Monitor shuts off, then there may be an issue with your monitor not a Virus, but if thats not the case, then i think the best one is ... Read More »

I have AVG free 8.0. Even though I have disabled my scheduled scan,my computer still starts scanning?

HiGet rid of AVG and use AVAST. If you want a good trojan. virus and registry fix, that is the software you need and YES, it is FREE. We programmers use it because it doesn't slow down the compute... Read More »

Does anyone know where I can find a free software download to scan and repair my computer?

Hi KylieThere is a FREE software. Download AVAST. it is by far, one of the best and will kill any of trojans, viruses etc... spyware, etc.. that you have and you won't need anyhing else but this.It... Read More »