What Are Resin Fossils?

Answer Traditionally, fossils are a geological record of the remains of once-living organisms that date back over a span of millions of years. However, the definition of fossils today is broader and inclu... Read More »

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What Forms Fossils?

Fossils are formed when the remains of animals or plants are covered by sediment and preserved. Ancient civilizations were aware of the existence of fossils, and sometimes considered them to be the... Read More »

What is the study of fossils called?

The study of fossils is called paleontology. Studying fossils can help paleontologists understand the history of the Earth and the kinds of flora and fauna that have lived and continue to live on t... Read More »

What Are Four Rock Fossils?

A fossil is a remnant of an organism that is embedded and preserved in the earth's crust. A fossil is often hard with the appearance and density of rock. Rock fossils are often used to date the a... Read More »

What rock do fossils form in?

Fossils form in sedimentary rock. Sediment is tiny fragments that have worn away from substances such as other rocks, clay, quartz, bones and shells. Water or air deposits the fragments in layers t... Read More »