How to Dig for Fossils?

Answer Finding fossils can be an adventurous and exciting hobby. Each discovery is a window into an ancient world, full of mystery and learning.

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Who digs up fossils?

Paleontologists dig up fossils, then study them to find what the environment and life was like at the time the fossilized human, plant or animal lived. They have to use care when they dig, so as no... Read More »

What does population in fossils mean?

The term population, when referring to fossils, describes a group of fossils all found at the same location that date to the same period. A fossil population may include multiple species that lived... Read More »

What Are Four Rock Fossils?

A fossil is a remnant of an organism that is embedded and preserved in the earth's crust. A fossil is often hard with the appearance and density of rock. Rock fossils are often used to date the a... Read More »

What Forms Fossils?

Fossils are formed when the remains of animals or plants are covered by sediment and preserved. Ancient civilizations were aware of the existence of fossils, and sometimes considered them to be the... Read More »