What are fossil impressions called?

Answer Impressions left by ancient animals or plants are called trace fossils. For example, footprints and burrows are considered trace fossils. In contrast, body fossils include the remains of the plant ... Read More »

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Why are they called fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are energy sources such as oil, gas and coal that are harvested or mined. They are termed "fossil" fuels because these minerals were formed 300 million years ago from plant and anima... Read More »

What is the fossil of a footprint called?

Fossilized footprints are called ichnites. Ichnites are examples of trace fossils, fossilized evidence of animal activity rather than fossilized animal remains. They form when an animal walks in so... Read More »

Which Fish Is Called a Living Fossil?

The evolution of organisms usually involves the accretion of constant changes. Fish today are different than fish hundreds of millions of years ago, having diverged into different species. The Coel... Read More »

What is the fossil of a footprint or a burrow called?

A trace fossil is a fossil of a footprint or other nonbody remains of an animal; a burrow is a type of trace fossil. Trace fossils can provide important details of how an extinct animal moved, ate,... Read More »