What are fork stanchions?

Answer A stanchion is a support post that operates in an upright position. A fork stanchion functions similarly, but splits into two pieces at some point along the post. Fork stanchions are often used on ... Read More »

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What are stanchions?

A stanchion is any fixed or portable post, pole, or rod responsible for providing support to an object. Stanchions hold up countertops in your house and handrails on bridges or walkways. The most c... Read More »

What is a clutch fork?

In automobiles, the clutch is a part of the transmission that allows for engine engagement and disengagement in order to prevent gear grinding while shifting. A clutch fork is a key part of the mac... Read More »

What Is a fork lift?

Merriam-Webster defines a forklift as a self-propelled industrial vehicle used to lift and transport heavy objects through the use of steel fingers (fork) inserted under the load. Forklifts are com... Read More »

What is a fork made of?

Forks have been constructed from various types of metal alloys throughout history such as nickel, bronze, silver, gold, chrome and stainless steel. Stainless steel forks became a popular type of da... Read More »