What are foods that you put together that some people say "eww" to?

Answer sardines and cottage cheese

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Why do people put trans fat in foods?

Why is trans fat in our food? This oil is cheap for the food manufacturers to use and it lasts a long time. People have developed a taste for it, but when you don't eat it for a while, you realize... Read More »

How do foods help people who have arthritis?

Research by a number of clinics and institutes indicates that different types of food help people who have arthritis. Despite the evidence that these foods help with arthritis, physicians are still... Read More »

Why should people eat healthy foods?

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats should be a main part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. These foods can help improve overall health and prevent and reduce the risk of... Read More »

What foods do the people of india eat?

indian people eat food depending on their religion. lamb fish pork vegetables usually curried and served with some kind of bread ie chapatis nan paratha. i am working with some indian boys and i wl... Read More »