What does recruitment of additional follicles mean?

Answer Recruitment of additional follicles refers to the process by which immature ovarian follicles start to develop during a menstrual cycle. This normally occurs under the stimulation of a woman's own ... Read More »

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How to Clean Hair Follicles?

Oil, dirt, and residue from styling products can build up in your hair follicles and result in an unhealthy scalp. A periodic deep cleansing of your follicles may help revitalize your hair. One way... Read More »

Can Hair Follicles Be Revived?

According to, a hair loss information website, two theories about what happens to the "dead" hair follicle exist. One is that the follicle is not dead, just miniaturized to the point... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hair Follicles on the Legs?

Hair follicles on the legs interfere with the overall texture and appearance of skin. Hair removal lasers get to the root of the problem and break down each hair at its base, making them weaker and... Read More »

How to Remove Hair Follicles?

Any woman who aspires to having hair-free legs and a smooth bikini zone knows the best way to achieve her goal is to remove the hair follicles from the offending area rather than to skim the surfac... Read More »