What are flat back crystals called?

Answer Flat-backed faceted crystals such as those used in iron-on transfers, jewelry, clothing and for various other craft projects, are simply referred to as flatbacks. They are generally made of crystal... Read More »

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What was the tv series called where these kids travel back in time searching 4 crystals and this guy in a red robot suit was always after them?

I'm one of those people! It's because she's not a game character and she stole Sonic from Amy Rose!

What are small snow crystals called?

The California Institute of Technology reports the smallest and most basic form of snow crystal is called a single prism. These miniature snowflakes form quickly and are often too small to be seen ... Read More »

What is a rock that contains two very different sizes of crystals called?

A heterogranular rock is one which has crystals of significantly different sizes. Another, less common, term for this type of rock is inequigranular. Anisodesmic is an archaic synonym, though today... Read More »

What is a flat map of the Earth called?

A flat map of the Earth is called a map projection. There are several classes of map projections based on distortions in shape, distance, area and direction. Some examples are conformal, mercator ... Read More »