What are five uses for a cucumber?

Answer 1. Have cucumber sandwiches with a pot of earl grey at 4pm like we do in England2. Slice them thinly and pour vinegar on them. This makes a tasty snack.3. Bake it in the oven and will will taste li... Read More »

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What are the Five uses of thermostat in a refrigerator?

it is use to adjust the set point of the aircondition for cool and heat, fan also onand off.

What are five uses of carbon dioxide?

An activity for children that uses all 5 five senses?

get an egg touch to see if its soft or hard like this you use your touching sense.then break the egg and hear when it cracks like this you use your hearing sense .then look how does it look like wh... Read More »

What are the common names of five shrubs and five climbers commonly used for planting along roadsides or parks?

in singapore: 5 common shrubs: 1. spider lily 2. bi-colored excoecaria 3. dwarf lemon 4. golden dewdrop 5. ixora 5 common climbers: 1. bougainvillea 2. morning glory 3. money plant 4. go... Read More »