What are five essential needs of a baby?

Answer Car seat ( most hospitals will not let you take the baby homewithout a car seat)Formula and bottles (if formula feeding)diapers (cloth or disposable)wipes (cloth or dispoosable)clothes (got to keep... Read More »

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What are five inputs to the mission essential task list?

Wartime operational plans, enduring combat capabilities, operational environment, directed mission, and external guidance.

Five Essential Principles of Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a unique and efficient way of advertising, especially among younger audiences who are constantly looking for cool things to do. defines event marketing as ... Read More »

Five Essential Elements for a Good High School Drum Major?

The high school drum major leads the band onto high school football fields and in parades down streets. Band members look to the drum major for musical and choreographed cues and to act as their le... Read More »

Which products, used by few today, will be essential in five years?

Online Television. Not many people use it currently, mainly because it is just beginning to develop, but soon TV will be replaced by the internet. People will be able to just watch any show they wa... Read More »