What can fingernails tell us?

Answer Umm... not much. If they are yellow or abnormally colored you might have fungus. If you have overall poor nutrition--not enough vitamins and minerals--you might get weak or bumpy nails.

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What are the causes of ridges in fingernails?

Your fingernails are a part of you that is always visible. Hands and nails that look nice and well groomed are great. Sometimes you may notice slight changes in your nails, such as nail ridges. Kno... Read More »

What do purple fingernails mean?

Usually it is a sign of poor circulation. If it is you with this condition you need to see a doctor. If it is a very old person this could be normal, and their doctor probably has already observed ... Read More »

What are calcium deposits in the fingernails?

While calcium deficiency has become a buzzword in the health world, excessive calcium may do more harm than good. Calcium deposits in the fingernails indicate an imbalance of this substance in the ... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Brittle Fingernails?

Brittle nails are a normal part of the aging process. In addition, nails become brittle due to frequent use of nail polish and harsh nail polish removers. Certain health conditions may also cause b... Read More »