What are field hockey armbands?

Answer Field hockey armbands distinguish the team captain. Coaches, referees and teammates need to know who the captain is, because she has leadership duties and is responsible for communicating with the ... Read More »

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How to Hit in Field Hockey?

There are a few different typed of hits you need to know for field hockey. Each hit provides different levels of power and accuracy, and depending on your situation, there is always a hit to use.

How to Hit a Penalty Hit in Field Hockey?

For some it may seem complicated. But you just need to stay calm and don't hesitate. You need to be loose and remember to be as calm and collected as possible.

How to Be a Better Field Hockey Player?

Basic advice on how to play all field hockey positions better.

How to Play Field Hockey Like a Pro?

Everyone that's on a field hockey team wants to be a captain, but you can't get there unless you're good. Here's how to get better!