What are fentanyl patches for?

Answer Fentanyl patches are a type of medicated, self-adhesive patch worn on the skin and available only with a prescription from a physician. Known as opioid analgesic, doctors prescribe the fentanyl pat... Read More »

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How to Get off Fentanyl Patches?

From reading various Internet forums on pain management medications, no other medicine seems to evoke fear and dread like the Fentanyl patch. However, the Fentanyl patch can be easily (yes, easily!... Read More »

What is fentanyl for?

Fentanyl is a strong opioid narcotic that alleviates chronic moderate to severe pain. It is also used as a surgical anesthetic.FormsFentanyl is commonly absorbed through the skin through a transder... Read More »

Is fentanyl a narcotic?

Fentanyl is an extremely potent narcotic used for those in the severest of pain. It is commonly delivered in the form of a pill or a patch, or injected as an anesthetic during surgery. Fentanyl is ... Read More »

What is a fentanyl patch?

The fentanyl patch, known as Duragesic or fentanyl transdermal system, consists of a patch that is placed on certain areas of your body to treat moderate to severe pain. The fentany patch is used a... Read More »