What are feeder fish?

Answer The term "feeder fish" refers to certain types of fish used by aquarium keepers as food for carnivorous predators in fish tanks. Common types of feeder fish include guppies and goldfish. Feeder f... Read More »

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Can a bottom feeder eat your fish?

Bottom feeders will not eat your fish because they are not good hunters. They are scavengers and typically eat whatever falls to the bottom of the aquarium or ocean floor. Bottom feeders include sh... Read More »

Is tilapia a bottom-feeder fish?

Tilapias eat a wide diet, including some waste products that accumulate on the bottom of a body of water or fishery tank. They are not always bottom feeders the way catfish are, but they will accli... Read More »

Breast feeder turned formula feeder, a little saddened by the verbal wars?

There are some just plain crazy idiots on the internet. Some of them are breastfeeders, some of them are formula feeders. It's unfortunate that those few among both "groups" turn all the rest of us... Read More »

How did the automatic dog feeder come about?

The automatic dog feeder came about when the need was recognized for a way to dispense measured amounts of food to an unattended dog. The dog feeder is based on earlier inventions of farm animal fe... Read More »