A dentist farts in your face--what do you say?

Answer You can't say anything. You have that jet nozzle sucking every molecule of slobber out of your mouth. You may also be numb for whatever procedure you are there for. The words may form in your mo... Read More »

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Why do my farts now smell like exactly what I ate?

You are simply NOT digesting your food and the undigested food is rotting and causing methane gas to form and along with the undigested food becomes the "fart" that smells. Eating LOW fat, NON fat... Read More »

What happens if you hold in your farts?

um... i suppose you save yourself from a lot of public embarrassment:)

What is the best food to eat to make the most leathal sbd farts?


My estate agent says my house is worth less because it smells of farts. What the Hell?

yes you can, though i would like to warn you in advance, such a case in court can cause you to become a laughing stock. on the professional front i am pretty sure you should win the case, because h... Read More »