What are family issues relating to a mental retarded?

Answer With understanding. If this person is important to you, you might discuss it with them, or with a professional who could give you some insight into ways to handle your friend's swings.

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What is the impact of the mental retarded child on the family?

Gabapentin is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Please discuss this with your doctor or health care professional.

How do you reverse adoption on a minor child with mental issues not disclosed before adoption from foster care system tha is destorying the rest of the family?

A child isn't a car if it was one of your natural children you could have it institutionalised so you can still do that any way.

What are Educational needs for mental retarded child?

You need to speak to your local educational authority, and avoid using the word "retard".

What are some cognitive deficiencies in mental retarded infants and early childhood?

In short, yes. Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that it is found in a range of severities. It can be very mild and the person has few problems or it can be severe and they require more ca... Read More »