What is the real story on fairies in Ireland?

Answer Tales featuring fairies are quite popular in Ireland where fairies are believed to roam the green countryside. In Irish fairy tales, fairies can be friendly, always ready to assist humans or they c... Read More »

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How to Make Fairies in a Jar?

This delightful craft can be used as a decoration for a fairy party or any other event where a few fairies (or fireflies or magic dust) can add a little cheer. This craft is inexpensive and easy to... Read More »

How to Write a Story on Fairies?

FairyIf you have ever wanted to know more about fairies and write about them, here is your perfect guide.

How can I appease the fairies in my garden?

Build them a cottage. For a model, please see 'Fairytale: A True Story'.Then offer them sweets on small plates. Don't forget the tea!

How to Draw Baby Fairies?

Fairies are fun and interesting creatures to draw. Their human features are combined with butterfly or dragonfly wings, and sometimes even bird wings are used. Baby fairies are easier to illustrate... Read More »