What are facts about cactus plants?

Answer Cactus plants are native to North and Latin America.They may be found natively in desert and jungle environments.Both biomes represent challenges to survival.Desert and jungle cactus plants are ali... Read More »

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Interesting Facts About Desert Cactus Plants?

Cactus get their name from the Greek word "kaktos," meaning "thistle." One of the most familiar cactus is the aloe vera whose spiny stems are filled with a gel that is soothing to burns. Though sl... Read More »

What are interesting facts about plants?


Facts about plants?

Plants are living things ,they contain many parts such as; Stem ,Petals ,Pollen ,ect. Insects are attracted to them because of their bright colors. Some plants are big and some are small, for examp... Read More »

Fun Facts About Seedless Vascular Plants?

Vascular plants contain vascular tissue that transports water, minerals and energy throughout the plant. An imperfect analogy can be drawn to the circulatory system in animals. Most vascular plants... Read More »