What are expected design fees for architectural concept design?

Answer Concept Design Phase fees depend on what information is known about parameters of the project, the scope, size and complexity of the project program, schedule, extent of information needed, deliver... Read More »

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What is the difference between architectural interior design and interior design?

Architectural interior design- means that you design building e.g decorate house outside.Interior design- means that you design rooms e.g. you decorate hotels, rooms etc.

What is Montessori architectural design?

Maria Montessori was specific in describing the optimal learning environment for a child's growth and development. Many attribute her for the invention of child sized furniture. In Dr. Montessori... Read More »

Software for Architectural Design?

In an architectural office, there are quite a number of software solutions that firms may use in the creation of their drawings, renderings and 3D models. However, there is a distinct presence of A... Read More »

What is a design concept?

A design concept is an idea for a design. For instance a design concept for a website might sounds like "It will be mostly dark muted colors with some orange highlights, and use the theme of circle... Read More »