What are exhaust cut outs?

Answer Unlike complete exhaust system replacements, exhaust system cutouts can give you performance and stealth at the flick of a switch. Relatively cheap and easy to install, cutouts are a popular option... Read More »

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What are the benefits of exhaust cut outs?

Though the legality of exhaust cut-outs varies from state to state, these intentional exhaust leaks can give your car full-race exhaust flow at the push of a button without any further modification... Read More »

What do you call the art of paper cut outs?

Kirigami is the term used for the art of paper cutouts. The art form originated in Japan and entails using a pair of scissors to make small cuts into a piece of paper that form a design, such as a ... Read More »

What are the best trap work outs To get huge Traps?

You need shoulder shrugsMilitary pressSide raisesDo 4 sets eacjEnjoy

What are the legal ins and outs of using a neighbours unsecured wireless connection...?

It's illegal. A bloke got done for it last year when a policeman watched him go along and sit on someone's garden wall with his laptop every evening for a week!