What are exemptions when filing joint taxes?

Answer Exemptions are claimed on your tax return for each person that you support under IRS guidelines. You can claim an exemption for your children and others you support, such as parents, siblings, gran... Read More »

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How Many Exemptions Should I Claim on My Taxes?

Sometimes as a host you have no choice but to use the couch for one of your guests. Perhaps you have a lack of beds or just too many guests. Perhaps someday you will even find yourself on that couc... Read More »

Tax Filing: Joint Vs. Separate?

Married taxpayers can choose to file either one joint tax return or two separate returns. Most married taxpayers chose to file jointly, in which case they are required to combine all sources of the... Read More »

How much is the standard deduction for married filing joint?

The IRS standard deduction for married taxpayers filing jointly on Form 1040 or 1040-A returns for the tax year 2009 was $11,400. If you have itemized deductions exceeding that amount, you are enti... Read More »

When do you have to pay if you owe when filing taxes?

If you owe the Internal Revenue Service taxes, you must pay the amount in full by April 15. If you cannot pay your taxes by the deadline, you must file a request for an extension before April 15. I... Read More »