What are exemptions when filing joint taxes?

Answer Exemptions are claimed on your tax return for each person that you support under IRS guidelines. You can claim an exemption for your children and others you support, such as parents, siblings, gran... Read More »

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What benefits do students have when filing taxes?

If you are attending school and pay tuition, fees and interest on student loans, you may be able to claim tax credits or income deductions on your tax returns. Additionally, if you are currently sa... Read More »

What is the significance of tipped income when filing taxes?

When filing taxes, you must report all income unless specifically exempt by law. Tip income is reportable as ordinary income, and should be reported to your employer so that it will be included on ... Read More »

What is considered"totally disabled"when filing taxes?

A person who is totally disabled is unable to work because of her condition. The IRS establishes rules for people who are considered totally disabled. A totally disabled person has to be a U.S. cit... Read More »

When is the deadline for filing taxes?

Corporations must file their taxes for the previous year's taxes by March 15. Individuals must file by April 15. Even if an individual requests an extension, they must pay what they owe by April 15... Read More »