What are examples of some good houseplants?

Answer Lucky Bamboo is a great house plant that needs very little care; a bit of water when it seems low and indirect sunlight.all depending on what you are really looking for. if you are looking for a la... Read More »

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What Are Some Examples of Really Good Science Projects?

Choosing a science fair project can be a daunting task. Ideas can range anywhere from the most basic--How to Boil Water--to the most complicated--How to Build a Robot with Artificial Intelligence. ... Read More »

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Happy Wednesday afternoon, Rckets :)Stevie Nicks ~ went solo from Fleetwood Mac in 1980 because she was / is a prolific songwriter, and was excedingly frustrated at only having 3 songs on each band... Read More »

What are some sources for ordering houseplants by mail?

Do a google search for houseplants and you should come up with quite a few listings that will sell and ship to you.

What are some of your favorite, inexpensive, beautiful, HARD TO KILL houseplants!!!?

spider or airplane plants, philodendron's, pothos, Swedish ivy and succulents these plants are all like weeds you only water when they are dry and they like bright indirect light except the sweedis... Read More »