What are examples of food that smell worser than they taste?

Answer blue chesse,cod fish, horse stakes, eggplant, squash, garlic,onion,beets, horse radish

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Can a person that has no smell,still taste food?

Yes that person may lose the smell to fragrance but those taste buds on the tongue can still distinguish the sweetness, sourness, saltiness or bitterness of the food. Just like when you catch a col... Read More »

What are them little beads in indian food that taste of perfume when bitten they are awfull?

they are the seeds from cardamom pods. my advice would be not to bite them then!!without out them your curry would not be the same.

They say if you eat more of one food, your ejaculation will taste like what food you mostly ate. Is this true?

It might make it taste sweeter? I know if you eat pineapple it will make it taste better.

What do vegans eat And how do they make vegetables and other bland food taste good?

Fruit and Vegetables are bland?!?!?!Think of lemons, onions, garlic, berries, horseradish, hot peppers, ginger, olives, pickles, tomatoes, citrus fruits, salsa's, etc. etc. All of these are fruits... Read More »