What are examples of child abuse?

Answer To take the most graphic- torture, sexual assault ( which is torture of the mind) applied to a child... employing children to pose for pornographic photos- often paying them for the process ( sick ... Read More »

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Can you give examples of five slogans on child abuse?

Can charges for child abuse be brought on foster parents after child becomes an adult and remembers the abuse?

Answer In some cases the statute of limitations begins when you remember the abuse. I would try to find a lawyer, but this is pretty hard if you don't have the money.If these people are still fos... Read More »

Is sexual child abuse a part of child abuse?

Who can legally and ethically report a child's injuries as possible child abuse if the child has not admtted to being abused?

a teacher and any one who can call CPS. if you think there is abuse put some calls in to child protective serves.