What chemical in swimming pools causes hair color changes?

Answer Causes of hair color changesAlthough there are a few chemicals which can contribute to causing hair to change color it is usually unbalance water which is the primary source.The color can help us i... Read More »

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Chemical Changes in Digestion?

As food travels through the digestive system of animals, it undergoes a series of physical and chemical changes that break it down to provide energy for cells. Physical changes simply alter the app... Read More »

Can a PET scan reveal chemical changes in the brain?

Yes. According to the National Institutes of Health, PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans are a way to visualize chemical changes in the brain through the injection of radioactive tracers that ... Read More »

Five Ways You Can Use to Detect Chemical Changes?

Chemical change occurs whenever the molecules of an element or a compound react to another substance to form another type of substance. This change can sometimes be irreversible and the product pro... Read More »

My dental insurance company changed their policies 2 months ago but I never received notice alerting me of changes. Are insurance companies required by law to notify me of changes?

There are different grades of travel insurance for a weekend trip to Australia, when you book your tickets there will be the option for the travel insurance and roughly depending on time of travel ... Read More »