Why do the pancreas and small intestine continuously produce enzymes if enzymes are reusable?

Answer A few things. The pH is not high in the small intestine. If it were, your small intestine would be significantly eroded. The pancreas releases, among other things, bicarbonate, a very basic compoun... Read More »

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Enzymes & Stroke?

After heart disease and cancer, stroke conditions are the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to the American Heart Association. Interestingly enough, there's a direct conn... Read More »

Enzymes and Diet?

Enzymes are proteins used by the body to help break down food in order to provide energy to body cells. Proponents of the "raw-food diet" believe that a diet consisting solely of raw foods is super... Read More »

Should I take digestive enzymes?

On One Hand: Digestive Enzymes are ImperativeDigestive enzymes are one of the things you lose as you get older. Because of this, your body has a harder time digesting the foods you eat, especiall... Read More »

Where do restriction enzymes cut?

Restriction enzymes are present in all types of bacteria. They are used as a defense mechanism against viruses (bacteriophages). Restriction enzymes cut a sequence of the bacteria's DNA between two... Read More »