What are energy-efficient LED lights?

Answer Many of us have been convinced that compact fluorescent bulbs--those little coiled wonders--are our most environmentally-friendly lighting option. Recent advances have paved the way for energy-effi... Read More »

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Are neon night lights energy efficient?

Neon lighting is produced by the electrical stimulation of electrons in a low-pressure neon gas-filled glass tube. Incandescent lamps produce light by electrically heating high resistance filaments... Read More »

What is an energy-efficient window?

Energy-efficient windows are designed to decrease the amount of heat that escapes the house during the winter and keep temperatures stable during the summer.BenefitsBy installing energy-efficient w... Read More »

What is the most efficient energy source?

The sun is the most efficient energy source we have available. While humans are still learning how best to convert solar energy into electricity, nothing on earth can rival the amount of energy tha... Read More »

What is more energy efficient a dishwasher or a sink?

The dishwasher is more efficient, undoubtedly. Washing anything by hand, unless absolutely necessary, is a waste of time, water & energy. I recommend putting just about anything in the dishwasher: ... Read More »