What Are Valence Electrons Used For?

Answer Atoms consist of electrons surrounding a nucleus of protons and electrons. Most atoms, by themselves, are not as electrically stable as when they bond to other atoms. Bonds form in a few different ... Read More »

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How many protons& electrons does Mg 27 have?

Magnesium, the chemical abbreviation of which is Mg, is element 12 on the periodic table. All forms of Mg have 12 protons. The charge of a proton is +1 and the charge of an electron is -1, so if Mg... Read More »

How many protons& electrons does Cs+ have?

Cesium, whose chemical abbreviation is Cs, has atomic number 55, which means it has 55 protons. Since each proton has a +1 charge and each electron has a -1 charge, Cs+ has 54 electrons, giving it ... Read More »

How many electrons does strontium have?

The element strontium has 38 electrons. Electrons are negatively charged particles that orbit the nucleus. Strontium does not appear as a pure element in nature and catches fire when exposed to oxy... Read More »

How many electrons does gadolinium have?

Gadolinium has 64 electrons. Used in magnets, it is mined in the US, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and China. It can also be alloyed to iron and chromium for better workability and resistance... Read More »