What are electromagnets?

Answer Electromagnets are magnets that use electricity to gain their magnetic properties. They are made up of a metal coil that is wrapped around an iron core. Powering the coil induces strong magnetic pr... Read More »

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What are electromagnets used in?

The electromagnet is important, according to NASA's Kid's Science Network, as it allows magnets to be used in a variety of situations and machines with the ability to turn off the magnet to either ... Read More »

What Devices Use Electromagnets?

Many household items and objects encountered in daily life operate in magnetic fields that occur as the result of electricity moving through metal conductors. Electromagnets differ from the simple... Read More »

In what sense are all magnets electromagnets?

All magnetism comes from moving electric charges. An electromagnet gets its magnetism from the electrons moving through it. Individual atoms, too, have moving electrons that produce magnetism. Some... Read More »

How do earphones use electromagnets?

They dont. They use a stationary permanent magnet, as a loudspeaker does. Ellectrostatic loudspeakers and earphones don't have any type of magnet.